ProxyButton 0.3.1 FF3.0 compatible release with support for command-line "-proxy" switch.
ProxyButton 0.3.0 SunBird support, kudos to Robert for the patch.
ProxyButton 0.2.8 Workaround for conflicts with Torbutton (and other derivatives, too).
ProxyButton 0.2.7 Compatibility update for Firefox
ProxyButton 0.2.6 Compatibility update for Firefox 2.0.
ProxyButton 0.2.5 The leak of object on window closing was fixed.
ProxyButton 0.2.4 Fixed bug with "all keys are hotkeys" issue when no hotkey was preconfigured.
ProxyButton 0.2.3 You can now use keyboard shorcut to switch proxy on and off. Install keyconfig to define it.
ProxyButton 0.2.2 Added Flock compatibility. Seems to be working fine under Flock but please contact me if you get any troubles with it.
ProxyButton 0.2.1 Conflict with the "Image Show-Hide" extension was fixed
ProxyButton 0.2.0 In extension's preferences one can select applications to run on switching proxy on and off
ProxyButton 0.1.9 Update to provide compatibility with FF1.5.
ProxyButton 0.1.8 Initialization rewritten to speed up creation of new windows.
ProxyButton 0.1.7 Fixed:
- additional restart required to fully enable PB. Now it will function immediately;
- big toolbar icons reduced to 24x24 pixels to better fit classic theme;
- code cleaned up to avoid unnecesary calls.
+ option to enable reloading automatic proxy configuration URL every time it is switched on (similar to pressing "reload" button in connection settings).
ProxyButton 0.1.6 One can now switch to manual or automatic proxy settings.
ProxyButton 0.1.5 Thunderbird 1.0 support added.
ProxyButton 0.1.4 Added support for skins so now toolbar button can be modified by any supporting skin.
ProxyButton 0.1.3 Fixed issue with proxy icons not updated in all windows when there are many FireFox windows open or proxy settings were changed through browser's preferences.
ProxyButton 0.1.2 Release compatible with Firefox 1.0 PR.
ProxyButton 0.1 Initial release

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