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What is it?

The Proxybutton extension gives you a single button that you may place on your toolbar and whenever you need to turn proxy on and off quickly. This extension is available for Firefox 0.9-1.0+ and Thunderbird 1.0.

But we already have that thing. Why do you need another project?

That's because I don't like the idea to have a whole huge toolbar for a such simple task as switching proxy. One button on the main toolbar is enough for me as I prefer to have more space for content. So he it is - just a simple button.

I've installed this extension but still can't see anything on my toolbar - what's wrong?

You have to right-click on a toolbar, select 'Customize...' and drag ProxyButton's icon to your toolbar. Then restart your Firefox/Thunderbird to let ProxyButton initialize properly.

Hey, but I don't want these manual proxy settings, I'm using automatic proxy!

Just go to extension's options (in extensions manager) and select your proxy type. Now you will be switched between direct connection and selected proxy type. You can also enable option to reload your proxy URL every time you switch it on.

It is so boring to drag my mouse to the button and click it... Can I do it with my keyboard only?

Sure you can. All you need is the keyconfig extension and the latest ProxyButton installed. Install the keyconfig, press Ctrl+Shift+F12 (or just go to Tools->Keyconfig...) and find there line named "ProxyButton Switch". That's it! Select it, define any shortcut you want and press "Apply". Now you can switch the proxy your way!

New! I'd like to specify the status of my proxy when I launch my browser. Any luck with ProxyButton?

Starting with v0.3.1 you can use "-proxy" switch when launching the browser from the command line. You can set it to the same values as used by network.proxy.type parameter in about:config. The values are:
0 - no proxy (direct connection),
1 - manual proxy,
2 - use automatic proxy configuration URL,
4 - auto-detect proxy settings.
So for example command "firefox -proxy 1" will start Firefox with manual proxy enabled. The switch just sets the network.proxy.type parameter so everything else including ProxyButton itself will work with it just as it did before.

I have a suggestion for your extension or I want to give you a feedback. How can I do it?

Use the user notes page or feel free to mail me.

The proxybutton project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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